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Girl advice
  Floofy, Dec 20 2016

First thing first, i will give a small update on my life.

I work in IT and make good salary. Been working out. Recently broke up with my ex because sex was terrible and not improving.

So since the break up, ive been dating girls. Thing is, i now aim higher than before and so ive had a lot of fails.

Recently, i meet a girl i essentially consider almost perfect. Sex is omg amazing. Physically she's really nice for me (small tits but i don't care. Super slim. Nice face). Her personality is perfect. She laughs at everything i say. She does everything i say. She cooks great. She does massages. She smiles, etc.

Now your gonna ask what's the problem... well its simple. She's from burkina Faso and she's "visiting" here. She has to leave in 2 months. She's gonna try to extend it for 6 months.

So i guess this mostly leaves 2 options:

1) Keep enjoying my time with her for as long as she's there, and then find another girl.
2) Start talking about "mariage", which is only way i can think of which means she stays.

The problem with #2 is obvious. First of all its obviously possible she's doing this just to get out of her shit hole country. I don't really doubt she likes me at least a little (she could pick any guys here), but its obvious her country is horrible. Secondly, here in canada, if you do this marry thing, there is like a 12 months delay before she can come here, and then you are responsible for her for 3 years....

Quite obviously, i expect people on a poker forum to laugh at me of even considering #2. But its hard for me to totally forget it. I do feel like i love her and she loves me, and in my mind, worst case scenario is she quits me after 2 years and i gotta pay for her for 1 year, and i personally think she would most likely work anyways.

I guess if i just go with #1, i'm probably just gonna find another girl, but for some reasons i feel its really hard to find a combination of a girl where she looks great, does great sex, and has great personality, on the internets!

Edit: I guess there exist #3, which is hide her at my home, but this is illegal and i could go to jail... so yea.

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New computer + Monitor
  Floofy, Jul 30 2016

I am gonna build myself a new computer.

Here it is:

This should be able to run most games in 1440p with 144 FPS
Can't wait to see it in action.
My friend is gonna help me build it on august 8

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"Anxiety" Update
  Floofy, Sep 10 2015

Hey guys, so thanks all for the advice in my last blog post. I wanted to give you guys an update

3 weeks ago, my symptoms had gotten REALLY bad. I had pressure all over the chest, along with pressure in throat, constant bloating, lost appetite, chest pains, anxiety at night, difficulty sleeping, acidic taste in mouth, it was horrible.

My family doctor had also prescribed me Ativan, which does help and allow me to sleep, but i want to avoid taking too much of this shit, i know it can be really addictive.
He also gave me antidepressant for my anxiety, but it had no real effect yet.

So i went to see a new doc, which said its anxiety+reflux. Anxiety making reflux worst, and reflux making anxiety worst. So he doubled my anti-acid. It actually did reduce my symptoms a lot, but i wasn't cured, and the pharmacist said its really weird i need this much anti-acid with my diet/age.

4 days later, i saw an ostopath, which said there was really something physically stuck, and she said she "cured a lot of things in my body". She did seem to do something, and i did feel good for like a week.

I also started seeing a psychologist, but we cant find the reason for my anxiety. She even sent by e mail lots of information about anxiety, but i really don't see myself in this thing. All the things they say about people who have generalized anxiety disorders are things which are the polar opposite of me, except for a few things. For example, they say people with GAD are perfectionnist... im the opposite of that.

As i said in my last blog post, so far, i must have seen like 10 docs, all of them said its anxiety, which never made sense to me. But one doc, a cardiologist, said i don't look like an anxious person, and said i have H pylori. That sounded weird to me, but i asked my Family doctor to test me for it. He told me hes pretty sure it had nothing to do with my symptoms but accepted to test me for it since a cardiologist advised it....
So 1 week ago, i saw my resutlts.... POSITIVE. i was like omg.

Yesterday i saw my doc. He still insisted its anxiety, doubled my anxiety meds, but did give me antibiotics for the H pylori.

I read some on the web, and H pylori symptoms is pretty much all the symptoms ive been having. H pylori also often cause anxiety....

So i think this is whats been giving me all those troubles for 6 months, and if i didnt insist on seeing so many doctors, i would still be stuck with it...

I probably did devellop some anxiety because of it tho.

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